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This Week’s Top Stories: Canadian Real Estate Price Growth Dwarfs US Cities, and HELOC Debt Hits A Milestone

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Canadian Real Estate

Canadian Real Estate Price Growth Looks Absurd When Compared To Bubbly US Cities
Canadian real estate prices made such a large move since 2000, the growth dwarfs even the frothiest of US cities. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver have seen real estate prices rise 239.9%, 189.08%, and 315.58% respectively since 2000. To contrast, Los Angeles, New York City,  San Francisco, and Seattle have increased 179.34%, 102.79%, 165.14%, and 148.99% respectively over the same period.
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Canadian Mortgage Payments Top $91 Billion, Over Half Goes To Interest
The amount of mortgage interest Canadians are paying is jumping very quickly. The total of mortgage payments reached $91.42 billion in Q1 2019, up 7.30% from the same quarter last year. Breaking that down, $39.53 billion of those payments went towards Q1 2019, down 0.17% from last year. The portion that went to interest however jumped to $51.89 billion for the quarter, up 13.78% from last year. That’s right, Canadians are giving the banks around $1.30 for every $1 they put towards principal on their home.
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Canadian Real Estate Sales Make Largest Increase In 2 Years, Still Below Normal
Canadian real estate sales make a big increase, but fell short of a typical May. CREA reported 54,599 sales in May, up 6.68% from last year. A large gain from last year, May sales still fell short of 9.89% from last year. The number of sales fell 4.02% short compared to the 5 year average for the month of May. Big improvement, but things aren’t quite back to normal. Although they seem great if you can only store 12 months worth of memory!
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Canadian Real Estate Price Gains Decelerate, Vancouver Losses Get Larger
Canadian real estate prices advanced last month, but the rate of growth is now less than a point. Prices across Canada increased 0.47% in May, when compared to the month before. This works out to an increase of 0.69% from last year. The price of a typical home across Canada is down about 1.31% from the peak reached in September 2018. Both the monthly and annual increase were the smallest for the month of May outside of recession.
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Canadian HELOC Debt Pushes Past The $300 Billion Mark For The First-Time
Canadian HELOC debt is slowing in growth, but it’s still growing and just passed a new milestone. The balance of credit secured by real estate reached $300.93 billion in April, up 7.56% from last year. Other than 2017, no other April has seen a 12 month increase this large over the past seven years of filings available.
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