Ontario Real Estate Industry Wants Student Loan Forgiveness…For Downpayments

Canadians looking for student loan relief have a new ally—Ontario’s real estate industry. The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), a trade organization representing 90,000 Realtors, released a new report called The ˆImpact of Student Loan Debt On Homeownership. Many students feel their loans are yet another hurdle to ownership, and the organization has a few […]

Canada’s Immigration Boom May Be Ending, Permanent Resident Applications Plummet

Canada’s recent population boom seems like it’ll last forever, but reality may arrive soon. Government of Canada (GoC) data reveals a sharp drop in permanent resident applications in July. The direct impact on population growth is minor, since temporary residents drive growth. However, continuing to attract temporary residents will be difficult once they encounter the […]

Nearly 1 In 5 Canadian Part-Time Workers Can’t Find Enough Work

Canada’s labor market revealed yet another sign of cooling. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data reveals involuntary part-time workers were on the rise in August. Involuntary workers have increasingly represented a share of part-time workers, hitting a nearly two-year high. The data reveals the overheated economy is quickly normalizing, an interesting potential headwind for overheated asset […]