Greater Vancouver Real Estate Prices July 2016 – Interactive Map

Vancouver Real Estate Prices Map

Talk of a Vancouver real estate bubble had no visible impact on the benchmark composite price of homes in the Greater Vancouver region, with the average home fetching almost 37% in one region. While it’s terrible news for first time buyers, if you’re already into property (or 8 *cough* de Jong *cough*), you’ve basically just won the lottery.

Demolishes Toronto

The “worst” performing region in the Greater Vancouver Region (Pitt Meadows) performed better than the best ward in the city of Toronto (Don Valley East), returning almost 3% more. This doesn’t mean Toronto is doing poorly (quite the contrary), but it does demonstrate how different the two markets are preforming.

About The Map

The above map shows the return and price of the average composite home type – that is, all types of homes averaged. The boundaries are the approximate boundaries of the REBGV regions, with all values provided from REBGV.

Price Data of REBGV.

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