Minority Report: Race and Toronto Real Estate Prices Mapped

Toronto Real Estate Prices and Race

We’re always looking for correlations around housing prices and how they relate to various factors, so today we’re looking at racial density to see if it has an impact on Toronto real estate prices. The interactive map above shows the density of visible minorities – the darker the blue, the higher the concentration. Mouseover the regions to see how they relate to real estate prices.

Toronto Races By Selected Groups

Old Money Neighborhoods

Traditionally old money neighbourhoods (Rosedale-Moore Park, Lawerence Park, Forest Hill, etc.) ranked as the least diverse neighborhoods with the most expensive homes. Not a huge shocker, but it is interesting to note that visible minorities represented less than 20% of residents in these neighborhoods, with the city averaging 34% all around. The average home price in these neighborhoods also exceed $1,200,000, whereas the rest of the city averaged $719,785 in June 2016.

Neighborhoods and Visual Minorities

As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, it was also interesting to see that the highest density of visual minorities were mostly located in the outer regions like North-West Etobicoke and North-East Scarborough. Both areas mostly had a visible minority density upwards of 40%, and some of the city’s lowest average home price. In Scarborough-Rouge River you could still score a place for around $460,400 – roughly 36% less than the city’s average.


So, what do you think? Any observations, thoughts, or feelings about the map? Let us know in the comments. 

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Sources: StatsCanToronto Real Estate Board.



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