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Sleek Mount Pleasant Home 87 Taunton Road, $1.38M

87 Taunton Road - Kitchen Stove

In Toronto’s quickly inflating market, this might actually be a deal. 87 Taunton Road is a sleek, recently renovated property listed with Robert Archambault at $1,375,000. Listed for $969,000 just two years ago, the home has a 2200 sq ft., open floor plan, including maple floors, oak handrails (does that clash?), marble-clad master ensuite, and most importantly the gorgeous kitchen below.

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  • Reply
    Lisa 2 years ago

    That kitchen looks ripped straight out of an Ikea catalogue…that’s a compliment in my mind.

  • Reply
    Jade 2 years ago

    That bathtub looks super comfy.

  • Reply
    Carrie 2 years ago

    Why’s it so gross and purple?

  • Reply
    James 2 years ago

    “recently renovated”…The place wasn’t built that long ago! Typical “throw-away” society…no wonder we’re on such a mess. “Oh… I don’t like the colour of the cabinets.” No worry, we’ll just rip ’em out and replace ’em. “Oh, the tiles don’t quite go with my new bedspread.” No fear, pull ’em down and put up the flavour of the month…Quite sickening actually.

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