Canada’s Yield Curve Is Flattening After The US Killed The Transitory Narrative: BMO

The US Federal Reserve just scrapped the transitory narrative, and it was felt in Canada. Reserve Chairman Powell candidly dismissed the transitory inflation explanation. This immediately began to flatten Canada’s yield curve, according to BMO. The bank’s chief economist, Douglas Porter, highlighted this point to clients in his latest research note. His analysis shows the […]

This Week’s Top Stories: Canadian Real Estate Is Overvalued, and The BoC Ends Program That Boosted Prices

Time for your cheat sheet on this week’s top real estate stories.  Canadian Real Estate Canadian Real Estate Prices Are Overvalued By Up To 91%: Moody’s Canadian real estate is massively overvalued, said a global credit rating giant. Moody’s estimates the average urban market in Canada is 22% overvalued as of Q2 2021. Large overvaluations […]