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This Week’s Top Stories: Canadians Working Multiple Jobs Soars, While Boomers Rack Up A Lot Of Reverse Mortgaging Debt

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Canadian Real Estate

Canada’s Major Cities Saw Condo Prices Rise Over 3x Faster Than Houses
Canadian condo prices increased at a faster pace than the general market. Home prices in Canada’s six hottest markets, increased 0.19% from a year before, and are up 9.22% from Q1 2017. Condo prices in these markets increased 2.11% from a year before, and are up 18.89% from Q1 2017. That’s twice the pace of the general market, and 3x if you remove condo prices from the general market’s index.
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Canadians Holding Multiple Jobs Is On The Rise
Canadians with multiple jobs is rising very quickly. There were 1.14 million Canadians with multiple jobs in October, up 5.15% from the same month last year. This past October is just 3,000 jobs lower than the all-time record set in June 2018. This is the second highest number of Canadians working a second job, in the history of Canada.
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Ontario And Alberta Households Are Seeing The Fastest Rise In Insolvencies
Canadians are seeing consumer insolvencies climb very fast. There were 11,935 insolvencies filed in September, up 19.3% from last year. Consumer proposals represent 7,222 of the filings, up 30.6% from last year. Bankruptcies represent the other 4,713 insolvencies, up 5.3% from last year. The increase for insolvencies came largely from two regions – Alberta and Ontario.
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Canada’s Cash Strapped Boomers Are Racking Up Reverse Mortgage Debt Very Fast
Canadian seniors are turning to reverse mortgages as a way to extract home equity. Filings show $3.83 billion in reverse mortgage debt in August, up 26.23% from a year before. In dollar terms, reverse mortgage debt increased $50.63 million in the month, and $796.11 million over the year.
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Toronto Real Estate

Toronto Condo Prices Increased 4x The Pace Of House Prices
Toronto condo prices have increased much faster than home prices. Home prices increase 2.75% from the year before, and 9.76% from Q1 2017. Condo prices increased 4.68% from a year before, and a massive 22.03% from Q1 2017. Toronto must be running out of condos, faster than it’s running out of land.
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