Canada’s Not In A Recession, But It Feels Like One: RBC

The Canadian economy isn’t technically in a recession; it just feels like one to most households. That was the take from Canada’s largest bank, which is raising concerns about the country’s economic setup. RBC economists warn that rapid population growth is boosting GDP, but it’s only obfuscating reality. More meaningful economic indicators, such as household […]

This Week’s Top Stories: Canadian Households 3rd Most Indebted In The World & Unemployment Climbs

Time for your cheat sheet on this week’s top stories. Canadian Real Estate Canadian Unemployment Adds 42k Workers, 1 In 5 “Long-Term” Unemployed Canada’s economy hasn’t lost many jobs, but it isn’t making many either. That’s a big problem when the country’s population is growing at one of the most rapid rates ever. Unemployment climbed […]

Canadian Unemployment Adds 42k Workers, 1 In 5 “Long-Term” Unemployed

The Canadian job market isn’t exactly weakening. It’s just failing to keep up with the country’s breakneck population growth, according to June employment data from Statistics Canada (Stat Can). Jobs were largely unchanged, but the population of unemployed workers has exploded dramatically. Canada’s unemployment rate is now the highest in years, and even more alarming—nearly […]