Canada Isn’t Just Seeing A Surge In Highly Indebted Buyers. They Have Little Equity

Canada’s central bank is warning about a rapidly deteriorating mortgage environment. Yesterday we unpacked Bank of Canada (BoC) data on highly indebted borrowers representing a larger share of mortgage originations. Today we’re looking at an issue that builds on that — these borrowers have little equity. Highly indebted households with little equity are the perfect […]

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This Week’s Top Stories: The Canadian Property Bubble Starts To Deflate, and Funds Are Buying Homes

Time for your cheat sheet on this week’s most important stories.  Canadian Real Estate The Canadian Property Bubble Can Start Deflating As Early As This Month The Canadian property bubble is starting to show signs of deflating last month. The 3-month annualized rate of growth for prices is falling in Toronto and Vancouver. Since this […]