A Breakdown of How Vancouver Residents Break The Law

A Breakdown of How Vancouver Residents Break The Law

Crime is an important factor when determining where people live, so today we’re going to look at Vancouver’s crime growth. Statistics Canada numbers show crime across Canada grew in 2016, for the second year in a row. Every city has its share of criminal behaviour, and Vancouver is no different. So let’s breakdown how crime has changed over the past year.

Crime Experienced Mild Growth

Crime in Vancouver has grown for the past 3 years, although growth appears to be tapering. There were 204,939 incidents of crime committed in 2016, which is a 0.44% increase from the year before. This number was almost half the rate of growth experienced in 2015, which came in 0.82% higher from the year before. While the numbers are growing, the growth is tapering – which is a good thing.

Source: Statistics Canada.

Most Common Crimes Committed In Vancouver

The most common crimes in Vancouver are simple theft, disturbance of the peace, and mischief. The city counted 71,588 incidents of theft under $5,000, a 4.16% increase from the year before. Disturbance of the peace came in with 18,550 incidents, a 10% decrease from the year before. Mischief, which is the act of damaging someone else’s property, accounted for 17,602 incidents, a 1.1% decline from the year prior.

Source: Statistics Canada.

Crimes With The Biggest Statistical Growth

The crimes with the biggest year-over-year growth in Vancouver are making “Making, or distribution of child pornography,” trafficking of stolen property, and identity theft. Making, or distribution of child pornography has 1,502 incidents last year, a massive 284% growth from the year before. Trafficking of stolen property only saw 40 incidents, but that’s 110% growth. Identity theft counted 245 incidents, which is 56% growth from the year before.

Crimes with less than 10 incidents were excluded. Source: Statistics Canada.

Crimes With The Biggest Statistical Declines

The largest declines in crimes were in possession of child pornography, attempted murder, and “firearms, use of, discharge, pointing.” The city counted 103 incidents of child pornography, a 67% decline from the year before. Attempted murder came in with 64 incidents, a 26% decline from the year before. Firearms, use of, discharge, and pointing, came in with 118 incidents, a 23% decline from the same time last year.

Crimes with less than 10 incidents were excluded. Source: Statistics Canada.

Generally speaking, Vancouver remains a relatively safe city. Crime in the city grew well below the national growth rate of 1.12%, which is an encouraging sign. The total growth of crime appears to be tapering, and might even turn negative by next year. Although the crimes with the largest growth by percentage were all pretty disturbing.

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    Justin Thyme 7 years ago

    Not surprised by the ‘theft under’ category. I fact. I suggest that this is a greatly under-reported statistic. It includes car break-ins, and I suspect if the theft was under the deductible limit, you just don’t bother reporting it.

    Some addicts consider the content of cars as a dependable and reliable source of income to feed their habit.

    What IS surprising is the low rate of ‘Trafficking of stolen property’. they have to be selling the stuff somewhere.

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