Amanda Lang’s $5M Forest Hill Home Lists, 376 Russell Hill Road

376 Russell Hill Road - Exterior Front

376 Russell Hill Road is a 6,500 sq ft, single family home in Forest Hill with serious curb appeal. The property belongs to Amanda Lang, now this could be just a coincidence, but Amanda Lang is also the name of the Bloomberg Canada reporter who’s rumored to be tied to an RBC executive. If this is her home, by our count that makes 3 bank executives, tied to 3 home sales, in 3 weeks while banks were calling a Toronto housing bubble. Again, that could all be just a super convient coincidence, but it’s worth mentioning none-the-less. 376 Russell Hill Road is currently listed with Jimmy Molloy for $4,590,000.

edit: Thanks to Thomas, one of our commenters, it’s probably the Amanda Lang we know and love

The Details

The 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom has a killer stone exterior, flagstone backyard patio, and a pool with waterfall – which is enough for my ears to perk. Slick features include a massive eat-in chef’s kitchen with fireplace, a spacious master suite the listing agent refers to as a “retreat”, and the coolest feature of all – a loft space. The loft space is located on the third floor (that’s rich folks for “attic”), and it has the potential to be nicer than the master bedroom – with the right owners.



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  • Reply
    Thomas 8 years ago

    It’s definitely Amanda Lang’s former home, as you can see in this article:

    The Dolce magazine photo with her sitting above the pool is identical to the pool photos you’ve posted. It’s such a distinct pool that I recognized it instantly.

    • Reply
      Tiffany Greene 8 years ago

      Hey Thomas, thanks for confirming our suspicion. That’s probably the same (amazing) pool, you must have an incredible memory!

      I’ve updated the article to reflect your observation. Thanks again!

      • Reply
        Thomas 8 years ago

        Appreciate the nod, Tiffany. I do wish to point out additionally (regarding your observation about this being yet another bank executive selling their home before the possible bubble bursts) that this home would not fall under your theory.

        This home I think, is the one she lived in with her ex-husband, a wealthy mining company executive, not her current boyfriend (and linked to her CBC scandal) who is the RBC bank executive. I guess she got the $5m home as part of the divorce settlement.

  • Reply
    Thomas 8 years ago

    Correction: it could apply to the theory that the smart money is getting out of the housing market after all – being a leading biz reporter, she obviously would have many contacts in the banking industry, not the least of which is her RBC banking boyfriend, who would warn her to sell now and reap the rewards while the housing bubble is still hot…

  • Reply
    Catherine 8 years ago

    It’s funny, I saw this on the and thought it was a rip off. Now that I know Amanda Lang lived there, it’s back on my list.

    I’m thinking this place even with a celebrity former owner should only be around around $4,400,000. I’ll let you know you know if I place an offer and whether they accept it.

  • Reply
    DJ 8 years ago

    4.4 million and the tv wires are hanging on the wall. Spend 300 and fish’em!

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