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390 Brookdale Avenue, Market Softening or Overpriced?

390 Brookdale Avenue - Kitchen

In Toronto’s red hot real estate market, it’s not uncommon for houses to go in days, with bidding wars becoming a new normal. Unfortunately 390 Brookdale Avenue is not experiencing that, and we have not a clue why – overpriced, softening market? It’s anyone’s guess, but the four bedroom home in prestigious Bedford Park is currently listed with Heather Hadden at $1,869,000 – an $80k price drop since it first listed last year.

The Details

Despite having four bedrooms, the home is a little on the small side at 2000 sq. ft., but the open layout, and attention to lighting makes it feel larger. Heated floors, integrated Sonos sound system, and a slick kitchen with granite countertops, and Thermador appliances are just some of the features included. So what do you think, market or pricing?

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    Daniel Wong 2 years ago

    It’s too expensive. That same house would go for $1M in another part of the city. I’m not paying another million to be located by Pusateri’s.

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    Carol 2 years ago

    That’s an expensive area, if I guessed I would assume it was priced right. Although one year, my neighbor’s house went 2-3 days after listing above asking. Something has to be wrong.

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