Historic Parkdale Mansion for Sale, 32 Beaty Avenue

32 Beaty Avenue - Kitchen

Parkdale wasn’t always the skinny jeans, soy-latte sipping hipsters we’ve come to love. Around the 1900s, some of the city’s richest and most powerful families built massive, ornate mansions, one of which is up for sale – 32 Beaty Avenue aka Melrose. Built by Bank of Montreal bigwig JS Lockie in 1879, it became better known as JS Lockie House, and is currently listed with Christen Vermast for $4.4 million dollars.

The Details

I know what you’re thinking, $4.4 million dollars in Parkdale‽ But this is no ordinary house, it’s 7,865 sq ft of sumptuous Italianate manor, with a lot of the original details. Elaborate and original millwork is throughout, with a fireplace in almost every room – a bathroom included. The kitchen and conservatory (yeah, a conservatory!) are fairly new upgrades made by the most recent owner, but other than that it may require some TLC. Check out the pictures below, just be warned that for some reason the listing photos make it look like it’s a 6 bedroom dorm.



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  • Reply
    Walt 8 years ago

    I live just down the street, the lot is MASSIVE compared to the places around it.

  • Reply
    Chloe M. 8 years ago

    This place is perfectly Parkdale – big and ornate, looks like it’s occupied by crackheads, seeking a multimillion to gentrify it.

  • Reply
    Dave 8 years ago

    Not sure why, but the listing is completely devoid of any of the facts you used. Is there any sources for this information?

  • Reply
    Jenny Chen 8 years ago

    Ugh, even “fixer uppers” are $4M in Toronto now. Time to move to Montreal.

  • Reply
    Pete Bunnik 8 years ago

    Beautiful home

  • Reply
    Olga 3 years ago

    Hello, I wanted to share my story with you. My father Ivan (deceased now) bought this house in 1967. It was rather run down & he even cancelled his vacation to Europe to visit family because he needed to work on it ASAP. My parents & I fell in love with this beautiful house we called home 10 years. During this time the historical society decided to register this property. The original property extended to King street going in a south / west direction. On the main floor, large room to the right there were 2 large wooden doors with amber class which my uncle installed. I was married from this house & had 2 children here as well. Too many memories to recount. Beautiful restoration.

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