Canadian Permanent Resident Admissions Rise Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

Canadian immigration is starting to improve to pre-pandemic levels. Government of Canada (GoC) data shows permanent residents admitted made a big jump in Q2 2021. The increase was actually enough to push the quarter to pre-pandemic levels. Admissions are still relatively weak, but it’s a huge improvement from the end of last year. Especially in provinces like BC and Ontario, which received the majority of the flow.

Canada Admitted 74,250 Permanent Residents Last Quarter

Canadian permanent resident admissions increased significantly in the past two quarters. There were 74,250 permanent residents admitted in Q2 2021, up 5.4% from the previous quarter. This represents an increase of 117.9% compared to a year before. Don’t pay much attention to the annual growth rate, other than to show it’s positive. It’s being compared to the first full pandemic quarter, which was artificially low. It sounds like huge growth, but really it’s just a return to healthier, more typical levels.

Canadian Permanent Resident Admissions

The quarterly number of permanent residents admitted to Canada.

Source: Government of Canada; Better Dwelling.

The numbers do show a gradual normalization of permanent resident admissions. Though they were a little weak for Q2, being the second-lowest since 2015. Significantly better than last year though, which is a start.

Looking at a rolling 12-month sum of admissions provides more clarity. Not quite caught up over the pandemic lull, nor is it close to making up for the lost time. Though it’s a very large increase, and the numbers are rising towards more historic levels. Now let’s break this down by our two major real estate market regions.

Canadian Permanent Residents 12-Month Rolling Sum

The 12-month rolling sum of permanent residents admitted to Canada.

Source: Government of Canada; Better Dwelling.

BC Is Where 17% of Permanent Residents Plan To Live

BC showed some of the largest quarterly growth for permanent resident arrivals. In Q2 2021, there were 12,710 permanent residents admitted with the intention of settling in BC. This is an increase of 23.6% from the previous quarter, and 109.6% from a year before. This represents 17.1% of the total admitted across Canada, so BC is punching above its weight. It was the largest quarter since 2019 for the province.

Canadian Permanent Resident Admissions By Province

The quarterly number of permanent residents admitted to Canada, and the province they intend to live in.

Source: Government of Canada; Better Dwelling.

More Than Half of New Permanent Residents Want To Live In Ontario

Ontario managed to attract more than half of Canada’s permanent residents last quarter. In Q2 2021, there were 38,245 permanent residents admitted that intend to live in Ontario. This is an increase of 9.3% from the previous quarter, and 138.0% higher than last year. It represented a whopping 51.5% of Canada’s total arrivals. The province hasn’t seen an inflow like this since 2019 as well. 

Canadian permanent resident arrivals had a big quarter, hitting pre-pandemic levels. The increase wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of growth seen during the pandemic though. In fact, the quarter might be largest due to people being delayed in the second half of last year. This would give the impression of stronger growth, but really it’s just some of the demand catching up.

Economists have said they expect to see a delay in the number of applicants. This will result in a lull at some point over the next two years, since it takes time to apply. That would create a much bumpier road for these numbers in the future. However, they’re pretty close to pre-pandemic levels as of now.

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  • Smug Canadians 3 years ago

    There seems to be a huge misconception that immigration is going to bolster home sales and prices when in fact for the majority, they will be not be able to afford them. Only millionaire immigrants will be able to jump into this market, otherwise, they will struggle just like our younger population is now.

  • LT 3 years ago

    New applications are nil. Tons of threads on Reddit about people that moved here and have no idea how anyone can afford their lifestyle. The reason is they locked in their lifestyle costs 20 years ago, and then extracted 50% of wages from new immigrants.

  • Omar 3 years ago

    Applications are down by a lot. You could tell that was the case when they jumped at the opportunity to start bringing refugees from Afghanistan before they even secured embassy personnel.

  • David Tran 3 years ago

    I’m thrilled about my home in Vancouver hitting $4 million, despite it being a $200k house anywhere else in the world, but with homeless people everywhere.

    • PK 3 years ago

      This government’s perspective has always been a “single-family home is wasteful” and they can fit more people into smaller pods. Ironically they all live in single-family homes — most have two.

    • Vancouver vs Seattle 3 years ago

      It might cost about 1-1.1.5 million in near by Seattle, its about 1/3 of Vancouvers price.
      Seattle has much better job market. Much higher household income, you can check Zillow.
      Washington has no state income tax.

  • Imminrant 3 years ago

    Canada has to accept people from Afghanistan and accommodate them. Your life style is going to improve if you are moving from war regions, not so much if you are moving from China or almost any part of Europe or many parts of South America.

    • 2bad 3 years ago

      I hate to say this…. but I agree. These people are coming from countries that have some of the worst conditions on earth so coming here will seem like a oasis to them. Even though they will become economic slaves, the situation is still a million times better than where they came from.

    • D 3 years ago

      True however you fail to mention that the vast majority of immigrants will land in the perpetual underclass. Only the very few will be upper middle class, or upper class. It’s good for me as a non-northwestern European, I’m going up in the Canadian caste system.

  • Canadian slavery of modern days 3 years ago

    WOW, new slaves are coming for Canadian Monopolize Everything Elite.

  • NoName Brand Human 3 years ago

    I am really tired of being Canadian and wish I was born somewhere else. Lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, lack of housing, even a lack of culture, community and traditions to be part of. Just consumer commercial culture of divided people, and work for low pay if you’re lucky. Over education. A country that hates its own young and itself. Post national globalist paradise. Now our national mission is to bring down white people because they are our oppressors. What a sick distraction. One can only hope that people wisen up and do stop coming here, but also, that more of us leave while we can. They maybe they will listen to us once we are far away. I notice rich people from here and from abroad really love Canada though, to them its the best country on earth.

    • subjective opinion 3 years ago

      Wealthy enough and left Canada for good. Limited cultural life compere to NYC or even Washington DC, bad climate, even for wealthy high cost of living, limited spaces in Ivy League Universities.

    • BCInsanity 3 years ago

      NoName that is one of the greatest rants I’ve ever seen!

      *Commences powerful, emphatic, semi-violent slowclap*

  • Bob Walter 3 years ago

    We have a housing crisis and above average unemployment. (55% higher than average in the G7, and I am sure that is the fabricated statistic, not the real unemployment)

    Should the priority really be on bringing 400 to 500,000 people a year (!) in or more until there is a grasp on either or both?

    Because that is the liberal plan for Canada for the next 4 years.

  • Kate 3 years ago

    Guys no worries. Everything is under the government control. There are 20k afghans are coming with tons of poppy to solve our daily issues like population growth and housing crisis. Do not forget to say thank you to our wonderful government.

  • Ghl 3 years ago

    Guys lets face reality here, the whole world printed tons of money. 1.3 million (large portion with high net worth) are coming. The best time to buy was yesterday, if you cant afford a place in Toronto or Vancouver now is the time to look at other big cities. Dont wait

    • alex 3 years ago

      This isn’t the place to solicit people into real estate because you feel buyers remorse for having bought at the height of a bubble.

    • Average Man 3 years ago

      Explain to me why Canadian houses, compared to local salaries, as SO much more expensive than American ones. And don’t say health care. Why are Toronto and Vancouver and HAMILTON more expensive, again, compared to local salaries, not in absolute terms, than New York or LA? How does that make sense?

  • Smug Canadians 3 years ago

    And the small cities are almost as expensive as the big cities, which makes absolutely no sense compared to anywhere else in the world. 1.3 million over 3-5 yrs maybe, and most will be near penniless. The wealthy are going to be smart enough to find another country where there is some upward potential. We are way past ‘upward potential’ my friend!!!!! We’re in for a reckoning, which we have experienced a couple times, in the past 40 yrs. For those under 40 or have only been here a decade or so; time to wake up, and maybe open frikkin history book!!!

    • BCInsanity 3 years ago

      Basement suite Vancouver: $1200
      Basement Suite Chilliwack: ….$1200(WTF?)

      Two Bedroom Condo Coquitlam: $2000
      Two Bedroom Condo Chilliwack: $1900(WTF?)

      • BCInsanity 3 years ago

        I’m all for bringing in the Afghans as we allowed our leaders to send our great men and women heroes to that unwinnable, unchanging, regressive country to blow it up and manipulate some of their people into putting their and their families lives at risk for the great lie of “future free society”.

        Its just too bad we’re already full here. And its too bad that the US and Canadian inflation is running rampant and can only be quelled by interest rate hikes which is going to blow this BS economy to smithereens.

        • D 3 years ago

          LOL the Afghans that worked for us were always in it for a free ride into the west. They knew what was going to happen, they took the risk and banked on getting a Canadian/American/eu/aussie passport. Most of them are left in the dirt now. That’s what happens when you gamble with your life. Very unislamic.

  • Tcap33 3 years ago

    It’s all the money laundering that occurs in this country

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