This Time Is Different, Central Banks Are Tightening Into A Bear Market: Oxford Econ

Advanced economies replicating the same monetary policy mistakes are facing monster inflation. Now with additional external pressures driving inflation even higher, policy is tightening as the economy deteriorates. That’s the opposite of what usually happens, warns global forecasting firm Oxford Economics. Typically as the economy slows, rate cuts help to craft a soft landing. This […]


US Real Estate Demand Is Falling Faster Than Inventory

Rising interest rates are cooling the US real estate market. National Association of Realtors (NAR) data shows existing-home sales fell in May. They didn’t just fall, though. Home sales fell significantly faster than homes listed for sale, helping to push the months of inventory towards more historic levels. US Home Prices Are Still Rising, But […]

Home Builder Profit Margins Increased In Canada and The US Despite The Narrative

No need to worry about your local home builder’s profit margin — they’re actually rising.  CoConstruct, who provides construction project management software to over 100,000 clients, took a dive into builder margins. Analyzing client data, they found home builder profit margins climbed in Canada and the US. Despite rising material costs, buyers have been willing […]

This Week’s Top Stories: Canada Abandons Its Real Estate Warning System As Mortgage Rates Surge Higher

Time for your cheat sheet on this week’s most important stories. Canadian Real Estate Canada’s Housing Agency Abruptly Halted Its Public Real Estate Warning System Canada’s national housing agency abruptly ended its warning system for housing. For nearly a decade, the agency warned home buyers when their local market became risky. In the September 2021 […]