This Time Is Different, Central Banks Are Tightening Into A Bear Market: Oxford Econ

Advanced economies replicating the same monetary policy mistakes are facing monster inflation. Now with additional external pressures driving inflation even higher, policy is tightening as the economy deteriorates. That’s the opposite of what usually happens, warns global forecasting firm Oxford Economics. Typically as the economy slows, rate cuts help to craft a soft landing. This […]

Toronto and Vancouver Real Estate Is Now Much Less Affordable Than LA, New York

Think Toronto or Vancouver real estate is too expensive? Then consider more affordable places like Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco. Oxford Economics released its North American Housing Affordability Index (HAI) for Q2 2021. The global forecasting firm found affordability has deteriorated across North America. Toronto and Vancouver real estate were in a league […]

Canadian Property Bubbles Are Now So Big, LA and NYC Are Now More Affordable

Canadian property bubbles have seen affordability creep past the world’s most influential cities. Oxford Economics released new North America Housing Affordability Indices (HAIs) for Q1 2021. The index measures housing affordability for the median household in various cities. They found Canada’s hottest real estate markets are now less affordable than globally influential US cities. Heck, […]