Ontario Rental Eviction Notices Are Normalizing, Which Can Mean Doubling Next Year

Ontario rental evictions cratered during the initial public health restrictions. Government of Ontario data shows that rental evictions dropped sharply for the 2020-2021 period. The impact was likely short-lived, with the current period already rising more briskly. As public health restrictions are lifted, expect applications for evictions to normalize. That can mean double the filings […]

Canadian Real Estate Equity Should Be Taxed, Suggests CMHC-Funded Working Group

Canadian real estate has been the ideal tax shelter, but that might change soon. Generation Squeeze, a Vancouver-led non-profit advocating for Millennials, released its Solutions Lab report. The CMHC-funded (but independent) study has four suggestions for improving housing affordability. Today we’re going to dive into its most controversial proposal stirring debate — a progressive tax […]

Canadian Real Estate Affordability Is Worsening As Household Incomes Fall: Desjardins

It’s not just Toronto or Vancouver real estate. Canadian home prices have risen so fast, they’re no longer affordable for Canadians in general. The Desjardins Affordability Index (DAI) shows housing became less affordable in Q3 2021. Falling incomes and rising home prices combined to create a national affordability crisis. The financial institution doesn’t see much […]