Canada’s Income Support Has Created A “Disincentive” To Work: National Bank

The Canadian economy is slowly recovering, but the unemployment rate is still elevated. Somehow small businesses are unable to find unskilled labor, even as wages rip higher. National Bank Canada (NBC) deputy chief economist Matthieu Arseneau attributes this to generous income support. In the bank’s opinion, the support has created a “disincentive” to work. Canadian […]

Canadian Employment Data Is “Odd,” and Curiously Doesn’t Match Reality: BMO

One of Canada’s top economists found the latest employment numbers “odd.” BMO chief economist Douglas Porter’s latest research note looked at employment data. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows April payrolls rising, but employment falling. The agency attributed these conflicting trends to a lag in payroll, which they say is typical. Porter pulled the receipts […]

Majority of Canada’s Pandemic Job Losses Were People Without University Degrees

Canada’s job losses varied by educational attainment according to Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data in December 2020. The stats show those with the least amount of education, exited the workforce in the greatest number. The number of people employed with university degrees, actually climbed during the period. Canadian Jobs Are Down Significantly Since The Pandemic  […]