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This Week’s Top Stories: Global Stagflation Risks Rise, and Canadian Real Estate Sees A Leading Indicator Crash

Time for your weekly cheat on this week’s top stories. Canadian Real Estate Global Stagflation Reminiscent Of The 1970s Is Forming, And It’s Bad News: National Bank National bank of Canada’s chief economist warned of a new risk — stagflation. This is a period of high inflation and low economic growth, and the first signs […]


Canadian Election Promises Will NOT Improve Real Estate Affordability: Top Economists

Canadian politicians promise to “fix” housing affordability if elected this year. Just one problem — all of their plans will increase home prices, not make them more affordable. That’s the take from Finder‘s 15-person monetary policy panel. The Fintech regularly polls Canada’s top economists for their take on monetary policy. This time they asked for […]