Film Studio Turned Loft Asks $4.7M, 176 Bedford Road

176 Bedford Road - Great Room Water Feature

The former film studio at 176 Bedford Road was purchased by artist Rose Lindzon, and transformed into a loft space with the help of the renowned architect Gordon Ridgley. More relevant to us Millennials, it was also the location of Shawn Desmond’s Shook video. It’s currently listed with Elise Kalles for $4,680,000.

The Details

Despite being just over 5,000 sq. ft. it only has two bedrooms, so it’s probably a better fit for DINKs that love to entertain rather than a family home. Speaking of entertaining, the walls are sound proofed, the living areas are tucked away upstairs, and the ground floor is an open concept layout modeled after a gallery – perfect for throwing a sophisticated cocktail party (or shooting a music video).

Other features worth mentioning are the dramatic entryway that opens into the great room featuring an antique water fountain, a massive master ensuite, and stainless steel kitchen that looks like it’s been manned by professional cooks more than a few times.

Shawn Desman’s Shook video was filmed here.

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