Ontario Real Estate Is The Most Overvalued In Canada, Slow Growth Expected: Moody’s

Exuberant Canadian real estate buyers sent home prices soaring during the pandemic. Now some provinces have severely overvalued housing markets, according to Moody’s. The credit rating giant’s provincial models show severe overvaluations in provinces like Ontario. Analysts from the firm forecast this will result in slow price growth over the next few years. Not all […]

Canadian Mortgages Are “Riskier” For Lenders, Probability of Correction Rising: Moody’s

Canadian real estate has a rock-solid reputation with consumers but institutions are warning each other to be careful. Global credit rating agency Moody’s shared their latest Canadian mortgage market assessment. After stress testing portfolios, the agency warns mortgages are “riskier” for lenders. Big lenders are now more concentrated in BC and Ontario, where home prices […]