An “Ultra Violent Cult” Is Stealing Cars & Using Canadian Real Estate To Launder: FINTRAC

Canadian real estate, an “ultra violent cult,” money laundering, and Toronto’s stolen cars. Sounds like a spy thriller, but that’s reality in Canada, according to FINTRAC. In 2017, the financial intelligence agency assessed the money laundering threat of an organized crime group called Black Axe. The group infiltrated the government, conducts mass fraud, and runs […]

Canadian Real Estate To Government, Organized Crime Infiltrated Everything: Intelligence

Some countries lack corruption and some lack investigations revealing corruption. Canada feels like the latter after the data Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) shared. CISC might not ring a bell, because they operate largely behind the scenes. They provide law enforcement with intelligence on organized crime groups and track activity. The agency’s 2021 Report on […]

Canada’s Federal Anti-Money Laundering Resources Are Unreliable: BC Public Inquiry

All flash and no (illicit) cash. That was the key takeaway from the Cullen Commission‘s final report looking at BC’s money laundering problem. Despite Canada talking a big game on anti-money laundering, its policies are ineffective. The Commission condemned federal anti-money laundering resources, and found Canada ignored the province’s calls for help. Austin Cullen, who […]

Canada Is Seen As More Corrupt As Money Laundering Estimates Hit $113 Billion

Canada’s squeaky clean reputation took a nosedive, according to an anti-corruption watchdog. This week, Transparency International (TI) released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index for 2021. The index shows Canada continues its spiral lower, having fallen out of the top 10 in 2019. Extensive money laundering and opaque institutions are amongst the reasons for the decline. […]